rgb led signal amplifier

12V 12A RGB LED Signal Amplifier For LED Strips

  • 5-24V DC
  • 12A (4A * 3Channels)
  • For RGB/ Single Color / CT LED Strips
  • 2 Years’ warranty
  • CE/RoHS

Model: MJJC-AMF-01

RGB Amplifier 

RGB amplifier is used for all our company RGB LED controller. It can accept PWM signal. When adding one RGB amplifier, it can connect to more than double of the number led lights. In theory , RGB amplifier can be connected to numerous.


Product Features

  • Amplifier is constant voltage product,it can work with all kinds of the constant voltage controller.
  • Adding one MJJC-AMF-01, it can control more 144w(12V*12A), can connect numerous in theory.
  • Output to RGB three channels,each channel max current of 4A.
  • 2-year warranty.


Technical Parameters:

Working Temperature:  -20-60℃

Supply voltage: 5Volt , 12volt to 24 volt optional

0utput:  3 Channels

Output current: 4A/Channel

Output power: 5V:<60W,  12V:<144W,  24V:<288W

External dimension: L105*W65*H23 mm

Static power consumption  < 1W

NW/GW: 110g / 140g



Direction for use

In accordance with Screen Printing on the RGB amplifier panel, connect the input and output signal lines correctly as order. Then connect the power supply to the RGB amplifier. Specifically for the use with the LED control, please refer to the following


Wiring Diagram 1: 

Wiring Diagram of rgb amplifier


Wiring Diagram 2:

rgb signal amplifier connection




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