S1-B AC Triac LED Dimmer 220V 230V 110V for Dimmable LED Bulb Lamp

● AC phase-cut RF dimmer with push-dim function.

● To dim and switch single color dimmable LED lamps or drivers, traditional incandescent and halogen lights.

● Suitable to insert standard panel bottom box.

● Adopt 2.4GHz wireless technology, remote distance up to 30m.

● One RF dimmer can accept up to 10 remote control.

● Leading edge dimming or trailing edge dimming set by dip switch.

● Great compatibility with a variety of dimming remote.

  1. Input Voltage:110-240V AC
  2. Output Voltage: 110-240V AC
  3. Max load current :1.0A
  4. Output gray: 256 levels
  5. Frequency of RF remote control: 2.4G MHz
  6. RF Remote Distance: 30M
  7. Net Weight: 48g/pc
  8. Color: White Body
  9. Product size:(Approx) L52x W52x H26mm

Triac LED Dimmer 220V 230V 110V AC Wireless RF Dimmable Push Switch with 2.4G Remote Controller for Single Color LED Bulb Lamps

LED Dimmer 220V

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LED Dimmer 220V

220v LED Dimmer

(Receiver) Specifications:

Product Name:2.4G Wireless RF Triac LED Dimmer with Push Dimmable Function 

Receiver : MJJC-S1-B

(Receiver and Sender): Model D:,MJJC-S1-B+R1; Model F: MJJC-S1-B+R6-1; Model E: MJJC-S1-B+RT1

Input Voltage: 110V 220V 230V 240V AC

Output Voltage: 110V 220V 230V 240V AC

Working Temperature: -20-60centi-degree

Max load current :1.0A

Max Power Output: 100-240W

Output gray: 256 levels

Frequency of RF remote control: 2.4G MHz

RF Remote Distance: 30M

Net Weight: 48g/pc

Color: White Body

Product size:(Approx) L52x W52x H26mm

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