12V 12A 2.4g RGB LED Controller

2.4G RF Multi zone RGB LED Controller (Receiver)

  • Work with MJJC-HMW-WIFI-V02 together
  • Compatiable with MJJC RGB LED Signal Amplifiers
  • 12-24V DC working voltage
  • Used for 12-24 volt constant voltage RGB led lights
  • 2 Years’ warranty
  • CE/RoHS

RGB Receiver for Multi zone WIFI LED Control Solution.

Wifi BOX just is a effect of a bridge,like a wifi router, work as a senders

MJJC-SZ100-MULTZ-RGB work as a Receiver,connect with RGB LED Strip Lights, also the receiver section compatible with the MJJC RGB signal amplifier for power expansion, to achieve more control of LED lights, in theory, numerous RGB amplifiers can be connected.




Technical Parameters

Receiver, model for separately purchase: MJJC-SZ100-MULTZ-RGB.

Working temperature -20-60℃ Supply voltage DC12~24V
Standby power <1W Connecting mode common anode
Brightness levels 256 Speed levels 100
Net weight 180g Gross weight 200g
External dimension L127*W41*H32 (mm) Output 3 channels(RGB)
Output current <6A(each channel) Output power 12V:<216W,  24V:<432W
RF distance ≤30m RF frequency 2.4GHz
Memory function support Effect 23

Multi-zone LED Controller projects

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