4Channels RGBW Touch Panel LED Controller 12V 24V 24A

  • 4 Channels output for RGBW/RGBWW Led Strip Lights
  • 12-24V DC, 24A (6A*4CH)
  • Wall Touch Panel Remote Control (86 type / 120 type )
  • 2 Years’ warranty
  • CE/RoHS

Model: MJJC-SZ600-WP86-RGBW


  • Working temperature: -20-60 ℃
  • Supply voltage: DC12~24V
  •  Product size: L91×W89×H24mm
  • Net weight: 340g
  •  Output: Four CMOS drain- open output
  • Connecting Mode: Common anode
  • Max load current: 6A each color (24A totally)

MJJC-SZ600-WP86-RGBW-LED-Controller-Touch-Panel Function

  1. Control Method:

Adopt RF remote to control the led controller, the function of each button as the table below:

Name of key Instruction Remarks
ON/OFF RGB:ON or OFF in anytime
White White:ON or OFF in anytime
Mode RGB:The mode will go to the next,when you touch the key each time 9 modes in total
Speed/Brightness + RGB:The Speed/Brightness will add,when you touch the key each time

White:  Brightness add

Speed for dynamic mode,Brightness

for static mode.

Speed/Brightness – RGB:The Speed/Brightness will reduce,when you touch the key each time

White: Brightness reduce

Speed for dynamic mode,Brightness

for static mode.

Color Ring RGB:Touch any color which you want

Style changing table as below:

NO Patterns Remarks
1 Static warm white Brightness is adjustable,

speed is unadjustable

2 Static cool white
3 White breath Speed is adjustable,

brightness is unadjustable

4 Seven-color jumpy changing
5 Seven-color smooth
6 Seven-color fade
7 R/B cross fade
8 B/G cross fade
9 G/R cross fade


Synchronous function :Synchronous control system can be made of any number of controller connections. Each of the sub-controller would follow to the first master controller to achieve a permanent synchronous change. And there is not delay.

How to connect with RGBW / RGB+ Warm White LED Strip Lights

RGBW LED Controller Receiver

RGBW LED Controller Receiver

RJ45 sync port for rgbw led controller




RGB LED Sync Controller

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