PWM Wireless RF LED Dimmer 12V 5V 24V 36V 8A for Single Color LED Strip Light V1


* RF dimmer match with a variety of dimming remote, realize functions of switch and dimming.

Smooth dimming and switch without any flickering

* Adopt 2.4GHz wireless technology, remote distance up to 30m, one RF dimmer can accept up to 10 remote control.

* Auto-transmitting function, one receiver can transmit the signal from the remote to another receiver

* Within 15m, so the remote control distance can be beyond 100m.

* Can be WiFi controlled by APP installed on IOS or Android mobile devices while working with WiFi-Relay controller

* Can connect with external push switch to achieve on/off and dimming function.

* Work with power repeater to expand output unlimitedly.

* Mini-style RF dimmer, one channel constant voltage output.

* Warrany: 5 Years


(Receiver) Specifications:

Product Name:2.4G Wireless RF LED Dimmer 

Model A:MJJC-V1+R1; Model B: MJJC-V1+R6-1; Model C: MJJC-V1+RT1

Input: DC 5V- 36V 

Working Temperature: -20-60centi-degree

Max load current :8A/Channel ( 1 Channel)

Max Power Output: 5V Max 40W, 12V Max 96W,  24V Max 192W, 36V Max 288W

Output gray: 256 levels

Frequency of RF remote control: 2.4G MHz

RF Remote Distance: 30M

Net Weight: 38g/pc

Color: Black Body

Product size:(Approx) L97x W33x H18mm


LED Strip Dimmer 12V


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